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Honeycake: A Helping Hand

Category:Children - Fable

Author:Medea Kalantar

  • Publisher: Medea Kalantar
  • Publication Date: November 11, 2022
  • Number of Pages: 33
  • ISBN-10: 1777289769
  • ISBN-13: ‎978-1777289768

Honeycake: A Helping Hand by Medea Kalantar is a heartwarming story that will delight children and instruct them on a very important human value — acceptance. In this sixth entry in the Honeycake series, Nala's uncles, Victor and George, take her to a party. It is a fundraising party hosted by Alexis. Alexis is two years older than Nala and has an artificial arm because her arm couldn’t grow normally. When she is introduced to Alexis, Nala is surprised to find out that Alexis doesn't seem bothered by her handicap. In fact, she opens a door for Nala to learn wonderful lessons as she interacts with people who are different and in wheelchairs.

There are many lessons she will bring back to her parents from this unique experience. When she hears about the party, she is excited. She thinks about wearing the fancy dress her uncles have brought for her. At the end of the party, she goes home with the wisdom that no one is “too young to lend a helping hand....” Another wonderful lesson is given by Alexis: “Just because I was born with a limb difference doesn't mean I can't do all the things you can do....” The book is a gem for Children, colorfully illustrated, and permeated by humanity. I loved the characters and the heroine of this tale. Honeycake: A Helping Hand is one of those books that will introduce children to the art of being human, to an inclusive culture, and to the fact that being different can be a gift in itself.

Reviewed By: David Reyes

Reviewed Date: December 13, 2022

Category: Children - Fable

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