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Skylar Robbins: The Mystery of the Island Idol

Category:Children - Mystery

Author:Carrie Cross

  • Publisher: self-published
  • Publication Date: November 25, 2020
  • Number of Pages: 320
  • ISBN-10: 098941437X
  • ISBN-13: 978-0989414371
  • ASIN: B08P5VXBQ5

Skylar Robbins, a clever thirteen-year-old sleuth, has a new case! She had been waiting to go on the ACE field trip with Daniel to the Koma Islands for ages. But with Daniel seeming to have forgotten about his promise, Skylar and her team embark on a journey to discover the real mystery behind a weirdly terrifying idol. Equipped with all of her high-tech gadgetry, which gives her intelligence an edge, she will stop at nothing to thwart the natives’ many attempts to keep the meaning behind the idol a secret. But will her high-tech gadgets keep her safe from the savages’ dangerous plans for her and her team? Or will this trip to Koma Island be their last adventure?

Written by talented YA writer Carrie Cross, this Skylar Robbins book is a simple yet gripping story that perfectly captures teenage angst in middle school and high school. The perfect balance between prose and dialogue to keep young minds hooked is reminiscent of the worlds of Nancy Drew and Trixie Belden. With a strong and intelligent female lead with fascinating multi-dimensional characters, this teenage fiction story takes you on an exciting adventure as Skylar works to discover the true meaning behind the idol while dealing with the teenage drama in her personal life. Skylar Robbins: The Mystery of the Island Idol by Carrie Cross is an adventure and mystery book that will absorb teenagers and young adults. With dangerous and fierce natives to be dealt with, Skylar is a delightful and quirky heroine who solves mysteries with her friends and plays a few mischievous tricks with her gadgets along the way. Perfect as a gift for a child’s birthday, this mystery book is guaranteed to delight young readers worldwide.

Reviewed By: Kim Calderon

Reviewed Date: October 26, 2021

Category: Children - Mystery

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