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Andy in Trevdaland

Category:Children - Fiction

Author:Graham Charles Cumming

  • Publisher: Graham Charles Cumming
  • Publication Date: June 27, 2019
  • Number of Pages: 150
  • ISBN-10: 1076616453
  • ISBN-13: 978-1076616456
  • ASIN: B07TLN3GT7

Andy, a young boy, lives in Travdaland, a place overcome by miseries and unexplainable, overwhelming problems. The boy has a developing interest in advertising. However, it's his love for righting the wrongs in the world that catches the interest of Peter Litre, who invites Andy on an expedition to save the realm from the evil culprits who have been plotting and conniving against the land and all of its inhabitants. Agreeing to help Peter, Andy ends up at the castle, the home of the King of the Land, who tells Andy to join a secret factory and unveil what mischief is at play in the facility. Although it is difficult to enter the facility, Andy gains access to the factory and unravels the hefty paperwork and red tape, pointing to trickery and deception. Unbeknownst to him, each of his moves is being scanned and recorded by two evil men with speech impediments. Will he be able to save his homeland and safely return to the King after the two scoundrels kidnap him?

Andy in Trevdaland by Graham Charles Cumming is a profoundly engaging and fascinating tale of a young protagonist who assigns himself the responsibility of saving the kingdom. The author presents the reader with a jolly yet steadfast key character who is deeply flawed yet complex. The author's narration and storytelling skills will grab the reader's attention right from the beginning and take them on a delightful journey that is fraught with unpredictable plot twists and intense emotional moments. This is an accomplished work filled with surprises, deftly plotted with a young man seeking answers through a dangerous place. You want to know what happens to Andy and will find it hard taking your eyes off him. Great writing and superior storytelling craft.

Reviewed By: Bertin Drizller

Reviewed Date: June 19, 2022

Category: Children - Fiction

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