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On to the Next Thing: A Memoir on Crime, Choices, and Change

Category:Non-Fiction - Memoir

Author:Corbin Bosiljevac

  • Publisher: Blu Press Media
  • Publication Date: July 31, 2021
  • Number of Pages: 250
  • ISBN-10: 1735721735
  • ISBN-13: 978-1735721736
  • ASIN: B094JYXSX2

Corbin Bosiljevac's memoir follows his journey from college when he graduates and becomes an esteemed Fortune 1000 salesman. Bosiljevac is a man brought up in a small town where he struggles with self-destructive behaviors as he gets closer to adulthood. His choices lead him into drug-dealing in the black market and a life of dangerous crime involving illegal drugs and illicit commerce. Then comes the hour of reckoning when he finds himself behind bars in federal prison. He is plunged into anxiety and hopelessness, but after being bogged down by his choices and his circumstances, Bosiljevac regains a new hope. He begins a new journey of redemption after taking full responsibility for his actions and reflecting on his choices.

On to the Next Thing: A Memoir on Crime, Choices, and Change by Corbin Bosiljevac takes readers on a ride alongside the author as he examines his life and the choices that have shaped his life over the years. It is a heart-wrenching, fascinating tale that is told with unfeigned honesty and unwonted clarity. His immensely transparent and vulnerable description of his emotions and the vivid happenings in his past will keep readers emotionally engaged and utterly connected to him. On to the Next Thing is a story about redemption and how humans have the power to recover from the worst of circumstances and rebuild from scratch. With faith in God, Bosiljevac has a spiritual awakening that forces him to take the road less traveled.

The writer is open about his past and shares true stories about his own addiction and poor mental health. It is a deeply engrossing book that caters to a large audience, both young and old. This book deals with the issues concerning the US Justice System and the social justice issues that plague the current times. While it is an entertaining read, it is packed with the wisdom that readers need to make important changes in life and the tools required to steer their life in the direction they want. It is an emotionally rich narrative that is sprinkled with spiritual insights.

Reviewed By: Kim Calderon

Reviewed Date: December 8, 2021

Category: Non-Fiction - Memoir

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