Poetry - Love/Romance


Category:Poetry - Love/Romance

Author:Sabrina Simon

  • Publisher: Gatekeeper Press
  • Publication Date: July 9, 2022
  • Number of Pages: 66
  • ISBN-10: 1662928122
  • ISBN-13: 978-1662928123
  • ASIN: B0B6D95JZK

There are fifty poems in Violet by Sabrina Simon, and that may sound like a slim collection of poetry. But hold on, you are about to step into a world where emotions become life in the words that speak them, where imagery translates the imperceptible nudges on the edges of fragile hearts, and where sound and rhythm measure the pulse of a heart that speaks a language that is universal. The collection is intimate, riveting, and tender, and it is just impossible for the reader to not be moved.

Sabrina Simon's poetry is simple, deceptively so, yet it echoes the emotions, thoughts, and experiences that are universal. The fear of being mistaken or rejected is captured in ''Am I,'' in language that is bare: ''Am I wrong for wanting you the way I do? / these desires are becoming troublesome for me, / but you'll never hear how I feel because I'm not brave enough.'' The diction is unmistakable, and the message in ''My First Love,'' brings pain to the heart of the reader as they listen to the poet moan: ''Until alone, I sit, my heart with his. / He's not mine, but I'm his — / the dramatic irony — my first love.'' Simon's poems address the ache of first love, the pain of loneliness, the desire to be seen and noticed. The poet celebrates love and opens a portal into the human soul to disclose the silent musings ignited by our beating hearts. These poems are written in a free-style, and the soliloquies capture the climates of the poet's heart with radiance and elegance. Violet is a wonderful achievement for a first time author, and the poetry has an irresistible appeal to younger generations and readers who enjoy work that brims with realism.     

Reviewed By: Romuald Dzemo

Reviewed Date: November 1, 2022

Category: Poetry - Love/Romance