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QUEERS & CIVILIZATION: How Sexual Diversity Enlivens, Enriches, and Elevates Society

Category:History of Civilization & Culture

Author:Byron Kennard

  • Publisher: The Two Josephines Press
  • Publication Date: May 20, 2022
  • Number of Pages: 235
  • ISBN-13: 9798800225495

QUEERS & CIVILIZATION: How Sexual Diversity Enlivens, Enriches, and Elevates Society by Byron Kennard is an eye-opening, thoughtful, and engaging book that will, undoubtedly, change the way most people look at queers — gay men, lesbians, omnisexuals, transgender people, and others. As the sub-title indicates, the book is a brilliant illustration of how sexual diversity enlivens, enriches, and elevates society. In this book, the author explores the contribution that queers have made to human civilization. It clearly examines the importance of diversity in human culture and sexuality and readers will enjoy reading about things like the importance of being different, encountering some of the queers in history, and what they accomplished, including the three pinnacles of queer culture — Joan of Arc as a transgendered person, William Shakespeare as a 'Two-Spirit' person, and Abraham Lincoln as a “Two-Spirit” person and shaman.

In Byron Kennard’s book, readers are challenged to rethink diversity as part of the intrinsic character of nature and the universe, a trait that enriches —always — and that invites humankind to see the unique and different “other” as important and valuable as any can be. This is a well-researched book with surprising finds for readers and it is interesting to notice how detailed Kennard’s writing becomes when examining the works of queer people who have shaped history and civilization through their singular works and accomplishments. Some of the great names that are featured in this book will include Alexander the Great, Malcolm X, Sylvia Rivera, and Marsha P. Johnson. Queers have shaped the course of history, ignited cultural revolutions, and brought about trends that have enriched the history of humanity. This book is a work of genius, and it articulates not only a bold idea but a timeless truth; extensively researched and delivered in gorgeous prose and a voice that is as authoritative as it is compassionate. QUEERS & CIVILIZATION: How Sexual Diversity Enlivens, Enriches, and Elevates Society re-affirms a reality that is written into the very heart of nature — we only grow as much as we accept and live with diversity. 

Reviewed By: Daniel Rhodes

Reviewed Date: June 27, 2022

Category: History of Civilization & Culture