Historical Fiction

A Journey to Joy

Category:Historical Fiction

Author:Nancy I. Young

  • Publisher: Friesen Press
  • Publication Date: January 24, 2023
  • Number of Pages: 306
  • ISBN-10: 1039170005
  • ISBN-13: 978-103917001

Engaging and permeated with humanity, A Journey to Joy by Nancy I. Young is a wonderfully melds different genres to deliver a heartwarming message with its satisfying denouement. It follows the perils of Bethany Stillwater, a young heiress in Victorian English who is framed for theft through the machinations of her stepbrother, Howard Stillwater. Her troubles start when she refuses to give Howard, a man drowning in gambling debt, money. Howard is a master manipulator and succeeds in getting Bethany sentenced to seven years in prison. Soon, Bethany is leaving her estate and bound for Fremantle Gaol in colonial Australia in a ship. She continues to trust in God. In the ship, the second son of the Duke of Yardley,  Samuel E. Yardley, who is traveling to buy Australian wool for Britain, notices her. Bethany's prison sentence ends much sooner than she ever imagined and it comes with a surprising package wrapped in it.

A Journey to Joy is a powerful illustration that everything works for good for those who trust in God. Bethany is a character of faith, a young woman who endures trials, especially in the dinghy prison cell, but who refuses to give up hope. Readers will love her strong character and her trust in God's justice. Her nemesis is her stepbrother, someone who will stop at nothing to see Bethany away. He is greedy and manipulative. This novel has strong historical underpinnings and an appeal to readers who enjoy inspirational stories and romance. Nancy I. Young's prose is gorgeous and the descriptions are terrific. She captivates readers with the focused and endearing passages. Bethany's inner world is vividly drawn and the author does the impeccable job of exploring her emotions and allowing her humanity to shine through the narrative. The sparkling writing is infused with passion and an unmistakable belief in God's inscrutable grace. I read this book straight through the night and still felt the warmth after the wonderful reading experience.

Reviewed By: Cristina Prescott

Reviewed Date: June 25, 2023

Category: Historical Fiction