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Doom of Stars
Doom of Stars by Martyn Rhys Vaughan melds science fiction with fascinating elements of fantasy, a tale that is set against the backdrop of a dys[...]
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  • by Martyn Rhys Vaughan
Out Of The Dark
The story follows an amnesia-struck protagonist who finds himself in a dark house that he doesn't recognize. However, something tells him his lif[...]
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  • by Syed Naqvi
Midnight Flight to Nuremberg: The Capture of the Nazi who put Ado...
Midnight Flight to Nuremberg by Marcus A. Nannini begins with a biographical account of Harry E. Watson Jr., which gives readers a chance to unde[...]
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  • by Marcus Nannini
Juliette and the Mystery Bug: The Complete Collection
When Hudson catches a mystery bug, Juliette ventures out on the path of discovery. She finds out how she can keep herself safe from the mystery b[...]
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  • by Terry Shepherd
I Don't Want to Turn 3
I Don't Want to Turn 3 by Gramps Jeffrey is a story that revolves around a boy named Jordan, who is just one day shy of turning three. Jordan bel[...]
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  • by Gramps Jeffrey
If you knew you had 10 days to live, what would you do? Vijay Patel invented the VT2 watch in the 2020s that was designed to accurately predict t[...]
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  • by Van Fleisher
D09: Afterlife
'To wake from slumber, one must understand what they are willing to lose.' D09: Afterlife by Ethan Vonday is based on the lives of five hopeless [...]
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  • by Ethan Vonday
Custodian of the Spirits
Custodians of the Spirits (The Valley of Heart's Delight) by Bronwyn Long Borne is a story that starts off with an introduction to Fiona Lenihan,[...]
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  • by Bronwyn Long Borne

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