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Why The Book Commentary?

The Book Commentary is an essentially book review publication committed to providing consumers with unbiased, critical recommendations of notable books that are being published while helping authors build their readership. It is an authoritative voice that brings new and exciting literary voices to readers. The publication also provides readers with exciting and inspiring reading materials —short and engaging stories, articles on a variety of topics, author success stories, and interviews.

Whether it is an unpublished or self-published author, attracting the kind of attention a book or manuscript needs can be a never-ending challenge. And most unpublished authors find the cost of reviews on places like Kirkus ridiculously expensive. The Book Commentary tells readers why they should try specific new authors.

Book Commentary helps new authors as well as established and bestselling authors get the word out about their book. A well-written review that showcases the strengths and merits of a book becomes a powerful selling tool for an author and can be the one thing an author needs to establish credibility, to assess the strength of their writing, and to build their audience. Our reviews can be used as marketing material, pull-quotes on the back of the book, or on the book’s Amazon editorial page.

Book Commentary takes great pride in reviewing and covering books  released by small and independent publishing houses, delivering independent feedback and opinions from book reviewers, industry professionals like librarians, and book editors. While we do not guarantee positive reviews, unfavorable reviews can be taken as good feedback on the author’s craft. 

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