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Most Recent Reviews

Pythia in the Basement

Alejandro Marron (Atmosphere Press)

| Reviewed by David Reyes

Pythia in the Basement by Alejandro Marron can be rightly described as the story of society — its insanity, the absurdity that punctuates contemporary life. It is a tale of ''failure, love, sex, and betrayal,'' a story that follows an unusually ordinary protagonist as he struggles to come to grips with society, pondering why it is easier to feed on half-truths and avoid confronting reality than it is to face the inevitable. Roger is a polymath and a poet, and his analytical skills push him to question the system that silently oppresses him...

No Plaid Suits: How Not to Have a Boring, Normal Life

Amrita Rose (Atmosphere Press)

| Reviewed by Romuald Dzemo

No Plaid Suits: How Not to Have a Boring, Normal Life by Amrita Rose is a timely book that offers just the essentials that readers need to break free from the myriad troubles of contemporary life, establish balance, and find both excitement and fulfillment in life. Writing with passion and putting so much energy into the book, life and career coach Amrita Rose offers the roadmap into simplifying life, articulating brilliantly our relationships with self, putting generosity into perspective, developing an impactful response-ability, redefining t...

The Simplicity of Life

Christian-Eric Falardeau (Eric Falardeau)

| Reviewed by David Reyes

In The Simplicity of Life, Christian-Eric Falardeau deals with some of the existential, relational questions and realities that readers are confronted with every day. What if everyone was ruthlessly honest, dotted with the ability to communicate what one thinks and feels? It is what happens in “A Simple Village,” a society in which people learn to be themselves and to state what they want in an unequivocal manner. The utopia created in “A Simple Village” is exploited by a greedy person who takes advantage of this situation, setting a precedence...

Paul III of Montreal

Christian-Eric Falardeau (Eric Falardeau)

| Reviewed by Bertin Drizller

Paul III of Montreal by Christian-Eric Falardeau is an imaginative, futuristic tale that follows a brand new culture where heroes and those who ascend to the higher levels of social status are determined by the Game, a three-dimensional version of chess. Paul II has been hailed as the greatest player of all time, and he has held his position for twenty years. When he loses and commits suicide.  What follows is a moment of disillusionment, when people begin to question if absolute power should be accorded to the Game as the tool with w...

Rebel's Knot

Cryssa Bazos (W.M. Jackson Publishing )

| Reviewed by Bertin Drizller

Rebel's Knot by Cryssa Bazos is a spellbinding historical romance with a rich setting against the backdrop of war-torn Ireland's 1652. It is the last days of the English invasion and Áine Callaghan finds herself alone, the only survivor of the murderous attacks by English marauders. She is found by Niall O'Coneill whose own kin have been killed in the same attack and who is determined to exact vengeance for his loved ones. Niall brings Áine to the safety of one of the encampments controlled by the Irish soldiers in Tipperary. As the connection...

The Price of the Verdict

John Bae (BookBaby)

| Reviewed by Christian Fernandez

Pearl-Line, Inc., a first-class cosmetics company is about to be destroyed by mass lawsuits inspired by a mere 30-minute interview with a researcher who links one of the company's bestselling anti-wrinkle products to an autoimmune disease. Now, it seems as though everyone wanted a piece of Pearl-Line, Inc. Verdicts across the United States are devastating and even the best product liability defense lawyers find themselves outwitted. Then Pearl-Line, Inc. hires Jack Hatchet, who sets out to uncover the root cause of the problem and save the comp...

A Breach in Time

Pamela Todd-Hunter (Mirador Publishing)

| Reviewed by David Reyes

A Breach in Time by Pamela Todd-Hunter is a spellbinding first entry in the Coeur de Lion series, a tale that will enthrall fans of time travel romance. Alixandra Evans is a history buff, but never imagined experiencing history until an ancient brooch transports her to twelfth-Century France. She meets Richard, the Duke of Aquitaine and the legitimate future King of England as she stumbles out of the forest. The Duke is deeply moved by her courageous spirit and offers her a role in his household. Alix has only hoped to be in the Duke's househol...

Toward the Ultimate Source: Planning for the Afterlife

Jozef Simkovic (How to Kiss the Universe Press)

| Reviewed by Christian Fernandez

Toward the Ultimate Source: Planning for the Afterlife by Jozef Simkovic is another spellbinding book, a sequel to How to Kiss the Universe. This book documents the author's mystical journeys, not only to other galaxies but through time to the very source of life. Out-of-body experiences and travels at the speed of thought are among the many techniques described in this book. This is a book that explores themes of unconditional love, the angelic world, and possibilities for life after death while providing tools for readers to find answers...

How to Kiss the Universe: An Inspirational Spiritual and Metaphysical Narrative about Human Origin,...

Jozef Simkovic (How to Kiss the Universe Press)

| Reviewed by Christian Fernandez

How to Kiss the Universe: An Inspirational Spiritual and Metaphysical Narrative about Human Origin, Essence, and Destiny by Jozef Simkovic is a book that will instantly capture the interest of fans of New Age Spirituality. In this book, the author shares his unique spiritual journey and skill allowing him access to other dimensions. The story of the author's spiritual travels, using a new meditation technique will astound readers. The author's spiritual voyage started with diving into the deepest corners of his mind where a door opened for him...

Sidelined: How Women Manage & Mismanage Their Health

Susan Salenger (She Writes Press)

| Reviewed by Romuald Dzemo

Sidelined: How Women Manage & Mismanage Their Health by Susan Salenger is a book I read and immediately asked my wife to read because it is so beautifully written, so well-researched, and so resonant it contains wisdom that will address an aspect of life for just about any woman. The essence of this book is succinctly captured in the sub-title — how women manage and mismanage their health. Readers will understand why women easily make the wrong choices when it comes to healthcare decisions and the social context in which such choices are ma...

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