Questions of Iron & Blood: Finn Koenen Book 1

Category: Fiction - Thriller

Author: Chip Brewer


  • Publisher: Self / Amazon
  • Publication Date: February 14, 2021
  • Page Count: 354
  • ISBN-10:
  • ISBN-13: 9781736679418
  • ASIN:

Questions of Iron & Blood is the first entry in The Finn Koenen Series by Chip Brewer, an enthralling opening for a series that offers an explosive and spellbinding premise. In the heart of the Boston Marathon, when everyone is thrilled by the excitement of the moment, a bomb explodes, hurting many lives, including Amanda’s, who is excitedly closing the race, with happy thoughts of mom and dad being proud of her. This act of terrorism from some disenfranchised youths might be considered an isolated case, but Former Delta Force Operative, Finn Koenen begins to think differently when he gets wind that another attack might be in the pipeline. Although his source isn’t as reliable as to be taken so seriously, Koenen begins to chase clues, determined to stop the next terrorist attack before it happens, but with time running out

A page-turning thriller that features murder, intrigue, and mystery, seasoned with well-crafted scenes of romance, Questions of Iron & Blood delivers entertainment that readers want in the genre. The short chapters are well-crafted to have readers eager to turn to the next, each chapter ending with unanswered questions or scenes that literally push readers over to the next page. That action is persistent and intense. In turn suspenseful and absorbing, this thriller features an elaborately developed protagonist and a setting in Boston that is vividly written. This one clawed into me with the freshness of the voice and the confident writing, and I can’t wait to discover what Koenen is up to in the next installment. 

Reviewed by David Reyes Review Date: June 22, 2022

Category: Fiction - Thriller


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