• Claude Coats: Walt Disney’s Imagineer—The Making of Disneyland: From Toad Hall to the Haunted Mansion and Beyond

Category: Art, Architecture and Photography

Author: David A. Bossert


  • Publisher: The Old Mill Press
  • Publication Date: November 16, 2021
  • Page Count: 264
  • ISBN-10: 1735769126
  • ISBN-13: 978-1735769127
  • ASIN: B09P27JX4Q

Claude Coats: Walt Disney’s Imagineer—The Making of Disneyland: From Toad Hall to the Haunted Mansion and Beyond by David A. Bossert tells the story of one of the most influential, yet unassuming players to have helped Walt Disney achieve success, creating an impact in the creative company that left ripples across the ages. A designer and artist, Claude Coats has been one of the outstanding talents at The Walt Disney Company for half a century and this book tells his story, from his early experience in the industry through the transition from animation artist to Imagineer and highlighting the role he played and his influence in propelling Walt Disney Imagineering to success. Most importantly, this book offers a dazzling portrait of Coats as a man, a great coach and team player, and an inspiration for young and burgeoning talent in the industry. Readers will understand his artistic soul, get to know what made him tick, be acquainted with his tastes and style, and enjoy a wide selection of his works, including three paintings that Coats created specifically for his portfolio while applying for a job at the Walt Disney Studios in 1935.

This is a unique biography, a work of art in itself and the author has the uncanny ability to offer compelling and succinct interpretation of Coats work and paintings, helping readers understand how Coats injected artistic quality into Disney backgrounds. There are powerful glimpses into Coats personal and family life and readers will find strong hints of Evelyn Coats, his wife, and her work, too. I loved the careful selection of paintings and artistic work, together with photographs assembled in this book, but what is most fascinating is the author’s commentary on Coats work and his outstanding career journey and influence on those who crossed his path. In this book, readers encounter an artistic soul and get to know his work and how he did that work. The prose is not just excellent but enticing and gorgeous, and David A. Bossert has the exceptional ability to communicate compelling imagery, arresting the attention of readers with a voice that is irresistible. Readers will enjoy this book, from the Foreword by Coats’ son to the eye-catching, colorful work of the artist. Claude Coats: Walt Disney’s Imagineer is the perfect portrait of the man who gave Walt’s work its pulse and creative energy, and fans of Disneyland will be thrilled to have this book on their shelves. It is a biographical work that is as engaging as it is entertaining.

Reviewed by David Reyes Review Date: May 26, 2022

Category: Art, Architecture and Photography


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