His Moonbeam Girl

Category: Romance - Historical

Author: Tracy Edingfield


  • Publisher: Tracy Edingfield
  • Publication Date: February 9, 2020
  • Page Count: 134
  • ISBN-10:
  • ISBN-13: 9780997055184
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What would you do if you had been given a chance to escape the slave life you had been born into? Seize it with both hands, of course! This is precisely what Lettice does, but she wants more. She wants to be Kwasi’s wife and start a happy family with him, but will he agree to it?

Lettice has known misery and horrific experiences in the world, right on a Jamaican slave plantation farm. When she is given the chance of freedom by the new Earl of Kempner, she jumps at the opportunity. Lettice is excited about her prospects for a new life in a new land, but she doesn’t want to build a wonderful life as a spinster. Her eyes are set on the handsome and heroic former plantation slave, Kwasi, and she plans to woo him. She believes that Kwasi would make the ideal husband for her, and that they will truly be happy together. Nevertheless, 28-year-old Kwasi doesn’t believe 16-year-old Lettice is old enough to know her mind and what she wants from him. When he refuses to marry her, citing her age as the main reason, Lettice becomes adamant and promises to win Kwasi’s heart with her love and firm resolve.

His Moonbeam Girl by Tracy Edingfield is a powerful story about a traumatized young girl and how she wants to win the heart of an honorable young man like Kwasi. She is a compelling female protagonist through whose eyes the author portrays the horrors of slavery and man’s inhumanity to man. The pathos is striking and rubs off powerfully on readers. The story is incredibly raw and deeply moving as it introduces Lettice as a girl who has survived rape and is inspired to transform her life. Kwasi is a man that understands that Lettice needs to grow up and mature before making a life decision as important as her wedding, but softened by her love, his initial doubts melt away soon after. The book is an enchanting and romantic read that would make for the perfect companion on your travels on the road. A captivating tale that is tale in language that is lyrical and that grips the heart irresistibly. 

Reviewed by Cristina Prescott Review Date: April 30, 2022

Category: Romance - Historical


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