Specialisms: Autism Perspectives

Category: Parenting & Families

Author: Brad Eck


  • Publisher: BookBaby
  • Publication Date: April 10, 2021
  • Page Count: 188
  • ISBN-10: 1098358317
  • ISBN-13: 978-1098358310
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Raising a child with autism, although challenging and troubling at times, can weave together beautiful and unique memories filled with lessons, successes, and failures. Specialisms: Autism Perspectives by Brad Eck is a father’s attempt at sharing his story of raising a child with autism to help others going through similar experiences.

Brad Eck and his wife have three children, including Daniel, who was diagnosed with autism at the mere age of five, turning Brad’s life upside down. Several instances made it challenging for the family to look after Daniel. Nothing was ever stable or predictable, and with each passing day, the unexpected started to become more and more drastic. If it weren’t for the family’s undying love for Daniel and their strong faith in God, they would’ve never come out of this struggle stronger and closer to each other. Now, Daniel is living life how he wants; in the big world of decisions, living with roommates, and unwilling to let anyone know he has autism, which can sometimes force him to work at normalcy with everyone else.

Specialisms: Autism Perspectives by Brad Eck is a father’s perspective on raising a child with autism and the constant struggles, concerns, and sacrifices that one must make while raising someone with special needs. While there are many books on autism, none describe the feelings that the immediate family members experience in such great depth and vividness. The book is a heartwarming tell-all that discusses the family’s journey in phases and reminds us to be thankful in every situation. The book offers core life lessons, such as the importance of perseverance, forgiveness, love, and faith. It helps readers understand that each person with autism is unique and has different needs. The easy-to-follow organization and lively illustrations add more depth for readers to relate to the story and notes from other relatives present various perspectives on Daniel’s and his family’s story. This book is a gift of love and one that will bring tears to readers’ eyes as they follow Daniel’s fascinating journey with his family. 

Reviewed by Cristina Prescott Review Date: April 19, 2022

Category: Parenting & Families


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