The Glimpse

Category: Fiction - Literary

Author: Lis Bensley


  • Publisher: Matador
  • Publication Date: September 1, 2021
  • Page Count: 304
  • ISBN-10:
  • ISBN-13: 9781800462953
  • ASIN:

Liza Baker is an exceptionally talented abstract expressionist, but after she decides to have a baby and continue with her career in the 1950s, she is faced with the harsh realities of the male-dominant world of art. She decides to teach at a college to make ends meet and raise her daughter, Rouge. However, after seeing her former lover succeed in his art career with pieces that greatly resemble hers, she falls into a pit of darkness. Drinking and bringing artist lovers home from the city, Liza and Rouge’s relationship suffers greatly. Their bond is further weakened when one of Liza’s former lovers hones Rouge’s interest in photography. Now, the mother-daughter duo is charged with unhealthy competitiveness and sabotage. Can Liza get her life back and build the future she has always envisaged for herself and her daughter?

The Glimpse by Lis Bensley will take readers to the 1950s, where male artists predominantly controlled the art world, and women suffered greatly to thrive and succeed in their careers. The transformations in the relationship between Liza and Rouge will touch the hearts of the readers and put them right in the middle of the story. The author is skilled in writing relationships that are complex and real, exploring character depth with an uncanny sense of clarity and bringing out their humanity in ways that arrest the attention of the readers. The historical accuracy in this book makes it a great and valuable addition to literary fiction books.

Bensley’s immense knowledge as an art writer and her cogent understanding of concepts such as ambition, motherhood, and compassion come through the story with unrelenting poignancy. The strong characters will keep readers interested in the story with error-free, factual information on a wide range of topics. The fierce competitiveness of an established artist and the struggles of a young photographer are beautifully explored and these mirror the struggles of many women, even in contemporary society

Reviewed by Jane Riley Review Date: November 25, 2021

Category: Fiction - Literary


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