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  1. You have great writing skills and can recognize good writing as well.
  2. You are an avid reader and can provide clear and concise synopsis of a story, allowing readers to feel the soul of the story and its literary merit.
  3. You have a blog and are excited to share your thoughts on books with readers.
  4. You have a clear idea of the different elements of style and can appreciate them in a book. 
  5. You want to help authors get word out about their book and you have active accounts on platforms like Goodreads, Amazon, Barns & Noble, and others.
  6. You like sharing exciting reads with other readers.

Three important things you gain from writing for us?

  1. You’re among the first to get exciting new releases.
  2. You gain great rewards and earn from sponsored reviews.
  3. You become part of a growing and exciting community of readers.

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