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Frequently Asked Questions

Unfortunately, no! Our reviewers only express their honest opinions about the books they read. They will recommend your book based uniquely on its strengths and entertainment potential. We encourage authors to approach the reviewing process as one of getting feedback from readers. You only pay a handling fee to ensure we get the book into the hands of a reviewer who is more suitable for our genre.

Absolutely! We build our reputation on providing reviews that are honest and unbiased, so reading the entire book before writing a review is a top requirement for The Book Commentary.

The reviewer doesn't have to read the entire book before writing the blurb. Your blurb will be written from information you provide about the book when you place your order. However, it is up to the reviewer to determine if they want to read the entire book or not. Note that the blurb is part of the writing that requires unique skills and an ability to write tightly and to entice the reader with few words. We only have a select few who handle this service. 

Your book review is an important component in your marketing plan and it is important that authors start considering how to get reviews few months before the actual publication of their book. Reviews before publication date can provide the feedback you need to improve your craft, the pull quotes and references when approaching industry professionals like literary agents, editors, librarians, and Publishers, etc. Most importantly, reviews are the most powerful recommendations you need to attract potential readers.

No, you can't. We want to provide independent feedback to authors, allowing readers the freedom to assess their work and allow it to speak to them. However, as an author, you can still join our team to review books submitted by your peers.

Definitely! We accept voices that stand out, writing that is informative and engaging, and articles that can add value to our readers.

The blurb is a catchy statement of your book and depending on the genre, it can focus on your authority to write the book, the message of the book, reader experience, or the plot points, or other important elemnts that set the book apart. It is designed to inspire interest in readers and make them want to read the book.

You can use quotable lines from it on the book cover, feature it in its entirety on the book cover, or use it on the description page of the book on Amazon and other online book sites.

No, we put no restrictions on publication dates. You can submit any completed manuscript or published book for review.

Yes. If you were pleased with your first review, you may request to have the same reviewer read your next book. However, we can't guarantee that the reviewer of your choice will be available.

This site is secure for credit card payments through Paypal. We prefer to process orders online to support an efficient workflow process.

We encourage our reviewers to post their reviews on their blogs and other sites like Goodreads and Barns & Noble. To post the review on Amazon, please contact an Amazon representative directly.

Yes, if you're satisfied with a previous review, you can request that the same reviewer read and review your book, but we can't guarantee the reviewer's availability.

We check all reviews to ensure they align with our reviewing guidelines and encourage reviewers to skip books that don't appeal to them. In the event that a reviewer honestly thinks your work needs more work, we offer constructive feedback on the manuscript. In rare situations, our editors have the sole discretion to offer the book a second chance.

Reviews are posted permanently on The Book Commentary. While being an authoritative voice in book recommendation, The Book Commentary was designed to be a powerful reference tool for book lovers, librarians, and publishers.

We have a zero tolerance for dishonesty and plagiarism and we enjoin all our reviewers to read entire manuscripts before writing reviews. If you feel strongly that the reviewer didn't read the entire book, we will give the book to one of our senior reviewers who will read the book and make an independent judgement on whether the reviewer gave it a fair review or not. In the event that the reviewer never read the book, we will take the reviewer out of our review program and hand your review to a second reviewer.

No. Our Editors go through reviews of books for the week and pick those that will most likely appeal to our consumers. Books are selected depending on a number of elements, including the strength of the writing, the originality and strength in the voice, the unique angles of the book, how well it is written for the intended audience, the timeliness of its message, its potential to entertain readers, and more. You will increase your chances of getting featured in the top picks of the week, must reads for the month, or best books of the year by focusing on the craft and keeping it balanced, interesting, and original. We love to feature fresh ideas and books that stand out.

The popularity of the author doesn't influence how our editors choose books for this feature. On the contrary, they are eager to look for unknown authors and unpublished authors with great potential. In other words, this feature is designed to offer exposure to new authors wanting to connect with their readers.

We give priority to authors who are reviewed on The Book Commentary as we want to offer them more avenues for exposure. Once you have placed an order for an Expedited Review, all you need is to email us back with a request for an interview. The Book Commentary will send you the next steps to follow.

Reviews with 4-5 stars are posted permanently on The Book Commentary website. Our mission is to provide an authoritative reference to book lovers and industry professionals.

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