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Gitmo in Darkness: Al Qaeda Strikes by Eric Wentz
Review Date : May 16, 2020

The compelling novel pulls the reader in from the start with a grueling battle that occurred hundreds of years after the flight of the prophet Mohammad to Mecca and ramps up through a breathless military operation in modern day Middle East, hunting the Taliban and Al Qaeda. In this novel, Eric Wentz demonstrates his unique storytelling skills and reinvents the world that witnesses the fierce conflict between Christianity and Islam.

The protagonist is US Navy SEAL Lieutenant Commander Grant Chisolm, a man who has a huge grudge against the Islamists who killed his father in 1980. As a liaison officer in Guantanamo, his path will cross with that of the infamous detainee 9696, Moustafa Arius Riat al-Haj, being escorted to the prison in Guantanamo in Cuba. The outcome is symbolic of the encounter between the East and the West in a conflict that has strong religious undertones.

There is so much to relish in Eric Wentz writing — the cunning plot, the memorable characters, the deft handling of conflict, and the historical hints of the narrative. The world building is impeccable and readers will enjoy the colorful setting and how skillfully the author weaves powerful images into the story. The conflict is nuanced and it is interesting to follow the protagonist as his level of understanding of the jihadists deepens. The plot is well-developed and there is no way the reader can predict where it leads. The intensity of the action, the tight writing, and the complex situations in which the protagonist finds himself are some of the elements that put this novel at the same level with works of David Baldacci and Harlan Coben. 

David Reyes
  • Pub Date : April 30, 2020
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