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    The review is approximately 250-300 words and it includes a general summary of the book with highlights on the book’s strengths and weaknesses and why readers should buy it or not. You can submit your book for review in this category, especially if you are not pressed for time. You may consider the sponsored review route to ensure your book gets reviewed.

Standard Sponsored Review

    You want to order a sponsored review if you are creating your marketing essentials and looking for quotable lines that can be featured on the book cover or the book’s Editorial Page on Amazon. You honestly want to get feedback that can help improve your craft from independent readers, or you just want to get word out about your book. You are guaranteed a review within 2-4 weeks, but there is no guarantee that it will be a positive review. We encourage authors to only submit final and polished manuscripts of their books to increase their chances of getting a starred review.

Expedited Sponsored Review

    This category is designed for authors who want to get reviews quickly. It is most suitable for authors nearing their publication date and want to get excerpts for Editorial Reviews, their book cover, or to feature on their website.

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