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The Bookseller: Stories
A library in Ecuador was recently robbed, and some of the most treasured, rare books were lost in the process. As a result, Señor Grigorio Molin[...]
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  • by Peter Briscoe
Stronghold is a mountainous structure - almost like a castle - that’s been standing in the middle of a continent for as long as [...]
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  • by Kesha Bakunin
My Name is Cain
Hannah fears that Mother Evelyn has been hiding a shocking truth behind her daily façade of a perfect, righteous life. Soon after graduating fro[...]
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  • by Dean Sparks
I Killed Sam: A Novel Based on the 1957 Groundbreaking Trial of a...
Betty is fighting a long and difficult battle in court for the murder of her abusive husband. Her trial attorney, Bob Nichols, must find a way to[...]
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  • by Robert A. Steadman
Hope City
Samuel Rothman is a Jewish teenager who  — following his father’s advice — has changed his name to Percy Hope[...]
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  • by Neil Perry Gordon
Heavy (The Weight Of It All): A LitRPG Fantasy Adventure
The Goddess bestows an Affinity upon all and gives them a chance to find their inner strength, skills, and true calling when they turn 16. So whe[...]
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  • by J.J. Thorn
Entanglement - Quantum and Otherwise
It is the mid-21st century, and Geena is all alone in her fifties. Most of her family is either dead or living away from her. In 2[...]
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  • by John K Danenbarger
Byron MacKenzie is a Harvard University graduate who studied molecular biology, going through a lot of challenges to achieve her dream. Her mothe[...]
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  • by Robert M Tucker

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