Book Blurbs

Most authors are too excited about their book that they find it hard to present it objectively to readers and in a concise and compelling manner —they often find themselves wanting to write about everything in the book. Our Book Blurb service takes care of this need for authors, crafting descriptions that tell readers why they should try a new author.

The blurb is a catchy statement of your book and depending on the genre, it can focus on your authority to write the book, the message of the book, reader experience, or the plot points. It is designed to inspire interest in readers and make them want to read the book. At The Book Commentary, we use the image of a short skirt to describe a good blurb: it should be short enough to arouse interest and long enough to cover the essential.

How do you use our book blurbs?

Book blurbs are essentially the descriptions — short and to the point — that showcase the merits of a book. They can be featured on the back cover of the book in full or in part, used on websites, or on book description pages on sites like Amazon, B&N, Google Books, etc.

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