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How to Get Your Book Turned Into a Hallmark Movie

by Scott Lorenz
August 12, 2022

By Scott Lorenz Westwind Book Marketing   If you’ve written a romantic comedy, you may be wondering what it takes to get it turned into a Hallmark movie. Fortu[...]

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The Perks of Writing Holidays

by C.W. Allen
November 7, 2021

Christmas in my home means a lot of things. It means dusting off the decorations I put away in January, taking a moment to admire each one and perhaps reminisce about the person who made or gifted [...]

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You Published Your Book! Now what?

by Lilianne Milgrom
October 26, 2021

YOU PUBLISHED YOUR BOOK. NOW WHAT? Lilianne Milgrom   Anyone who attended the virtual event announcing the winners of the Publishers Weekly 2021 US Selfies Book Awards can attest to the fact t[...]

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10 lessons from Rock Bottom

by Brett Hill
September 28, 2021

Rock Bottom was a cathartic story for me to tell and my purpose for writing it was not just to share my story,but hopefully to help others in the process. So I wanted to s[...]

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Gott ist tot, but Yog-Sothoth Lives! The Perfect Historical Oddity of H.P Lovecraft

by Dan Jones
September 21, 2021

I’m a latecomer to Lovecraft. I knew who the man was when I first dabbled in horror and SFF when I was a schoolboy, but for some reason passed him by, maybe labouring under the idiotic impression[...]

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Dancing on the Page

by Terrel Lefferts
September 20, 2021

Dancing on the Page: Dance Instructor Starts New Publishing Biz: (19 Books during COVID-19 by a COVID-Sidelined Dance Teacher) Both my daughter and I were immersed in the ballet world until March 20[...]

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Death Be Not

by Brooke Jones
September 19, 2021

I have come to the conclusion that I am either a green-eyed cat; a creature from some Galaxy far, far away… OR I’ve had an Angel living on my shoulder since the day I was born! Nothin[...]

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20 Best things Young Writers Can Learn from Stephen King’s Memoir: On Writing

by H.M. Bloomfield
September 19, 2021

20 Best things Young Writers Can Learn from Stephen King’s Memoir: On Writing  What is the secret behind the success of a literary baobab like Stephen King? What does it take to successfull[...]

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In Praise of Criticism: Albeit With Gritted Teeth

by Lin Wilder
September 18, 2021

 Quote Typographical Background, vector design. 'To avoid criticism, say nothing, do nothing, be nothing'. Chalkboard Style. In praise of criticism, albeit with gritted teeth About four or si[...]

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Dan Fesperman Speaks About Inspiration, Writing Process, and What Readers Find Interesting in His Books

by David Reyes
September 18, 2021

  You have an impressive resume that documents the work of a seasoned journalist. Can you tell us what has been life-changing in your career?  Being sent abroad by the Baltimore Sun in [...]

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A Humorous, Sardonic Letter of An Ex-Slave, Jourdan Anderson, to His Former Master

by The Book Commentary
December 21, 2020

A letter written by a freedman to his former master doesn’t just shine a powerful light on his dignity but makes a mockery of slavery and in a voice that is snarky, intelligent, and fueled by iro[...]

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Interview with Children Author, Rolanda T. Pyle

by Christian Fernandez
December 24, 2020

You’ve written a book that has great potential to positively influence the lives of orphans under the care of grandparents, would you want to share with us what inspired[...]

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6 Easy Ways To Find Your Unique Writing Voice

by Romuald Dzemo
December 11, 2020

No matter what you write, what keeps the reader engaged is your voice. The reader wants to think that they are seated across from you, listening to you. They want to hear [...]

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Should You Hire A Book Publicist For Your Book?

by Romuald Dzemo
November 7, 2020

It takes a lot of time and commitment to get a book written. But that is the easiest part of the process. Getting it published and into the hands of avid readers or fans o[...]

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Book Reviews: How To Get Lots Of Them As A Self-Published Author

by The Book Commentary
December 30, 2020

Reviews tell readers whether they should or should not buy a book, and the more positive reviews a book gets, the stronger the appeal it has for readers. Reviews give cred[...]

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The Girl Who Could Read Hearts: Award Winning Author, Sherry Maysonave, Shares Insights on Her Craft

by Romuald Dzemo
December 4, 2020

Can you share with us what inspires you to write?Thank you for having me. I am honored.What inspires me to write? Inspiration! The late Dr. Wayne Dyer often discussed t[...]

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An Author’s Search For Truth Lands Her Inside Ring

by The Book Commentary
December 16, 2020

Alicia Doyle is an award-winning journalist who discovered boxing at age 28 in the late 1990s when she went on assignment at a boxing gym for at-risk youth called Kid[...]

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Carol J. Williams Shares the Message of Hope in Her Book: Christ Optimizes Victory in Desolation: Prayers for Uncertain Times

by Carol J. Williams
December 7, 2020

Talk to us about Christ Optimizes Victory in Desolation: Prayers for Uncertain Times.Christ Optimizes Victory In Desolation. Jesus is the best example of winning vict[...]

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Stefan Vučak, Author of Lifeliners Talks about His Work in this Interesting Interview

by Romuald Dzemo
December 10, 2020

Welcome to The Book Commentary, Stefan. To begin, we would like to know more about your writing journey. When did you start writing and how did you discover that you were cut for writing?I alw[...]

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