About Us

The Book Commentary is primarily a service to readers and book lovers, a publication that reviews and recommends both independently and traditionally published books, as well as pre-publication manuscripts. We take pride in uncovering notable books from small presses that readers should pay attention to. We want readers to discover new books and talk about them. Our reviews are carefully crafted to highlight the strengths of the books and why readers should read them.

The Book Commentary helps new authors as well as established and bestselling authors get the word out about their book. A well-written review that showcases the strengths and merits of a book becomes a powerful selling tool for an author and can be the one thing an author needs to establish credibility, to assess the strength of their writing, and to build their audience. Authors can reprint their reviews on all their marketing materials and book covers, in whole or in part (provided no words are changed, and The Book Commentary credited).

The Book Commentary takes great pride in reviewing and covering books released by small and independent publishing houses, providing independent feedback and opinions from book reviewers, industry professionals like librarians, and book editors. While we do not guarantee positive reviews, unfavorable reviews can be taken as good feedback on the author’s craft.

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